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Broida on Suitability: Making Determinations, Taking Action Assessing Compensatory Damages Claims in Federal EEO Cases - Third Edition
Price: $284.50
Price: $69.75
In the aftermath of the 2011 Aguzie v. Office of Personnel Management decision, more suitability-based removals are appealable to the MSPB. Master the ins and outs of federal EEO compensatory damages law and get up to speed on recent cases — with just one resource!
The Evolving Complexities of Sex Discrimination: Refining Your Agency's Approach for Today's Claims The Federal Equal Opportunity Reporter®
Price: $284.50
Price: $1,975.00
As an MSPB administrative judge, Samuel Vitaro decided a multitude of disputes involving sexual harassment, sex discrimination and reprisal. The Federal Equal Opportunity Reporter® (FEOR) is a research service that focuses on equal employment opportunity within the federal sector.
Federal Merit Systems Reporter Federal Human Resources Week
Price: $1,875.00
Price: $425.00
Federal Merit Systems Reporter (FMSR) keeps you up to date on all the latest MSPB and related court decisions. As an HR professional, everyday challenges demand that you stay on top of EEO, employee and labor relations, pay and benefits, and retirement issues to name just a few. But with your already hectic schedule, how can you keep up to date with the ever-changing federal community?
Failure to Bargain: A Practical Guide for Analyzing and Responding to ULP Charges What Do I Do When...® The Answer Book on Federal Labor Relations
Price: $24.50
Price: $28.50
The most common, yet complex, unfair labor practice charges you may face as a labor relations practitioner are those alleging a failure to bargain. From dealing with union officials to determining what issues your federal agency is required to bargain, new labor relations questions pop up nearly every day.
It's More Than Sexual: Handling all Types of Harassment in the Federal Workplace William B. Wiley's Employee Relations Desk Reference: Sample Letters, Briefs and Other Documents
Price: $31.75
Price: $89.95
This one-of-a-kind book captures the entire issue of harassment, providing guidance on how to recognize, prevent and respond to all types of harassment claims. Even the smallest inadvertent mistake could result in your disciplinary action being reversed on appeal.
Applying ADR in the Federal Workplace How to Frame Disciplinary and Adverse Action Charges
Price: $26.40
Price: $23.80
The results of alternative dispute resolution are undeniable - increased workplace harmony, lower complaint-processing costs, reduced lost time and improved productivity. Why do agencies lose in adverse action cases, despite having evidence and a solid basis for cause of action?
The Right to Representation: Formal Discussions and Weingarten Rights: Second Edition The Basics of Writing Federal-EEO Counselor Reports--Second Edition
Price: $26.95
Price: $31.25
When are unions entitled to be present at a formal discussion? The most up-to-date, concise and useful resource on Counselor Reports available!
Maximizing Return to Work in the Federal Sector: How to Design, Implement and Maintain a Successful Program $afety Cents in the Federal Workforce: Prevent Employee Injuries and Reduce Workers' Comp Costs
Price: $27.25
Price: $26.95
Developing an effective RTW program helps you get injured workers back on the job as quickly as possible -- cutting thousands of dollars in unnecessary workers' comp expenses. The best way to reduce your agency’s workers’ comp costs is to prevent workplace injuries from happening.
The Shape of Things: The Rising Cost of Obesity on the Federal Workers' Comp System Making Sense of Federal Leave Administration: Your Guide to Key Decisions
Price: $26.79
Price: $33.95
Studies have shown that overweight and obese workers are more prone to workplace accidents then their slimmer counterparts and that their injuries take longer to heal. Know how to properly administer the various statutes and regulations covering federal employees’ leave with this collection of case decisions from the MSPB, EEOC, FLRA, arbitrators and courts.
Resolving EEO Conflicts: The Informal Approach The Federal Probationary Period: Administering the Process in Your Agency
Price: $119.00
Price: $28.95
This video teaches supervisors and managers how to resolve EEO problems informally. Probationary employees do not have broad appeal rights, but they do have some avenues of appeal and complaint.
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