2021 Federal Retirement Guide 2021 Federal Manager's Guide
Retirement is a process ... with specific actions and calculations that change as you move along the path. Relying on outdated formulas in your planning could bring some big surprises down the road. Make sure you have the new 2021 Federal Manager’s Guide®on hand … with quick access to guidance based on all the latest laws, regulations and mandated procedures you need to comply with.
Can Title I Pay for This? A Guide to Determining Allowable Costs Federal Human Resources Week
Get the tools and expert guidance you need to determine allowability of any Title I purchase. As an HR professional, everyday challenges demand that you stay on top of EEO, employee and labor relations, pay and benefits, and retirement issues to name just a few. But with your already hectic schedule, how can you keep up to date with the ever-changing federal community?
Section 504 Compliance: The Complete K-12 Handbook Federal EEO Advisor
Federal EEO Advisor
Price: $305.00
Your complete 504 compliance manual — combining legal and practical guidance specific to K-12 schools. With thousands of EEO complaints filed every year, just trying to keep current can eat up all your time.