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Board & Administrator: School Edition Developing the Effective Principal: Hiring, Evaluation and Retention Practices for the Superintendent
Price: $285.00
Price: $99.50
Each month, Board & Administrator focuses on helping you create a solid superintendent-board relationship. In 8 quick-read pages, the For Superintendents Only section gives you targeted guidance on fostering positive interactions with your board, teaching board members their proper role in the decision-making process, and keeping them focused on strategy and policy issues. Recruit and retain principals who meet your expectations in today's tough climate of accountability.
Developing the Effective Teacher: Hiring, Evaluation and Retention Practices for the School Administrator Managing Your Federal Education Funds
Price: $99.50
Price: $249.00
Give your school administrators proven practices to attract and retain top-quality teachers. Developing the Effective Teacher provides easy-to-follow guidelines, sample procedures and forms — along with professional development tools — to help your principals streamline school recruitment and evaluation processes and develop top-of-the-line classroom leaders. Creativity and Compliance. The two keys to spending your federal education funds.
School Superintendent's Insider® Superintendent's Guide to Special Education Policies & Procedures
Price: $245.00
Price: $179.00
Walk the superintendent's tightrope safely every day! Protect your special education program from devastating legal headaches and scrutiny.
The Do's and Don'ts of Education Compliance: Audits, Monitoring and Enforcement The School Board Member's Manual: The Essential Guide for Effective Service - Third Edition
Price: $39.00
Price: $46.95
Discover insight on the audit, monitoring and enforcement requirements associated with U.S. Department of Education grants. Announcing the revamped board members’ “instruction manual” for effective service -- the ideal way to introduce proper board service to novice members and reinforce fundamental principles for veterans.
The Special Education Administrator's Idea-A-Day Guide®
Price: $36.95
As a special education administrator you have a lot to juggle — and being an effective leader is just one aspect of your job.