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Federal Managers' Guidance for Leave Requests Beyond Sick and FMLA
This course provides details on what you need to know about less-common forms of leave -- Leave without pay, leave transfers, military leave, jury and court leave, home leave, and funeral leave.

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Mastering Political Savvy, Partnering and External Awareness: A Federal Manager's Guide
This course explains how managers can build and display the management competencies of political savvy and external awareness.

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Testifying at Administrative Hearings: What to Expect, How to Prepare
This course provides an overview of how administrative hearings work and step-by-step guidance of how managers can provide effective testimony.

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Understanding the Arbitration Process From Grievance to FLRA Review
This course provides a detailed look at the arbitration process, from how disputes originate through review by the Federal Labor Relations Authority.

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A Federal Manager's Role in the Negotiated Grievance Procedure
This course provides federal managers with detailed guidance on how to manage every step of a grievance that falls under the negotiated grievance procedure.

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A Federal Manager's Role in Challenging Workers' Compensation Claims
Managers have a right to dispute questionable workers’ compensation claims. This course explains what makes a claim questionable, and how the manager should respond.

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Driving Employee Engagement: Your Role as a Federal Manager

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Ethics -- What is Expected of You as a Federal Manager
This course explains the expectations of federal managers to act ethically, as well as how to recognize and avoid ethically problematic situations and actions.

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7 Steps to Return an Injured Employee to the Federal Workplace
This course provides managers with a step-by-step approach for returning injured employees to the workplace.

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Workplace Violence: How Federal Managers Can Recognize and Respond to
This course is designed to help managers prevent workplace violence whenever possible, and respond appropriately when it happens.

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