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7 Steps to Return an Injured Employee to the Federal Workplace
This course provides managers with a step-by-step approach for returning injured employees to the workplace.

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A Federal Manager's Role in Accommodating Mental Disabilities
This course will give managers best practices to navigate the reasonable accommodation process for individuals with mental disabilities.

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A Federal Manager's Role in Accommodating Physical Disabilities
This course provides managers with essential compliance guidance to actively participate in the reasonable accommodation process for individuals with physical disabilities.

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A Federal Manager's Role in Challenging Workers' Compensation Claims
Managers have a right to dispute questionable workers’ compensation claims. This course explains what makes a claim questionable, and how the manager should respond.

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A Federal Manager's Role in Limiting Religious Discrimination and Harassment
This course explains how managers can balance the sometimes competing interests of religious expression and religious discrimination, plus provides specific guidance on how to handle requests for religious accommodation.

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A Federal Manager's Role in the Negotiated Grievance Procedure
This course provides federal managers with detailed guidance on how to manage every step of a grievance that falls under the negotiated grievance procedure.

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ADR in the Federal Workplace: What, Why and How
This course explains to managers why ADR is a better option than a grievance or EEO complaint and details the different methods used — putting everyone at ease about using ADR and ultimately increasing the chances of a successful outcome.

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Building and Leading Teams to Meet Agency Objectives
This course provides managers with guidance on when it’s appropriate to form a team and action steps for leading a successful team that meets its objective.

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Collective Bargaining Agreements: Your Role and Responsibilities as a Federal Manager
This course explains the significance of collective bargaining agreements, and the manager’s role as a first-line enforcer of the agreement.

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Conducting Effective Federal Employee Performance Appraisals Based on Appropriate Standards
This course provides guidance on developing effective performance standards and properly delivering a performance appraisal based on those standards.

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