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2006 IDEA Final Part B Regulations: What You Need to Know Accommodating Students With Allergies and Chemical Sensitivities: Steps for Legal Compliance
Price: $25.95
Price: $30.45
Get expert analysis of the 2006 IDEA final Part B regulations from two nationally recognized special education attorneys. From child find to field trips … meet your duties to avoid discrimination, provide FAPE and keep students safe.
Aligning Instruction and IEPs to Essential State Standards for Students with Significant Cognitive Disabilities Assistive Technology in Special Education: Identifying Student Needs, Responding to Parent Requests, and Other Compliance Issues
Price: $44.95
Price: $29.50
How can you support learning goals in core-aligned lessons while meeting students’ needs in their daily living, functional and adaptive skills? The increasingly technology-driven school environment presents a myriad of never-before-seen legal issues.
Athletics, Extracurricular Activities and Students with Disabilities: District Obligations Under the IDEA and Section 504 Common Core and the Special Education Student: Your Guide to Instructional Shifts and Implementing Services and Supports
Price: $28.50
Price: $42.95
This updated and expanded resource gives you comprehensive legal guidance concerning students with disabilities - including asthma and diabetes - who participate in athletics and extracurricular activities, with an emphasis on your district's requirements to provide an equal opportunity and an environment free from discrimination. Get all the hands-on guidance and staff development tools you need in this comprehensive resource on the Common Core -- written specifically for special educators!
Compensatory Education Companion: Your Guide for Legal Compliance and Implementation Strategies Confidentiality in Student Testing: Access and Disclosure Requirements Under FERPA and the IDEA
Price: $28.65
Price: $28.25
With an explanation of the legal framework of compensatory education plus practical guidance for developing appropriate service plans, this is the must-have tool for every administrator and IEP team member! Now incorporating changes brought about by FERPA amendments and the Uninterrupted Scholars Act, this just-updated guide analyzes the current state of the law regarding student privacy, records disclosure and parental access rights as they relate to testing, test protocols, assessments and evaluations.
Cracking the Code: IDEA and NCLB Alternate Assessment Rules Made Simple Developing New In-District Special Education Programs: Your Step-by-Step Compliance Guide
Price: $24.95
Price: $30.50
This unique guide simplifies mounds of complex regulatory language and ED commentary into one concise reference tool! Creating an in-district special education program can aid in complying with the IDEA's least restrictive environment mandate and help you use your budget most effectively.
Discipline Dilemmas: Your Guide to Avoiding the Top IDEA and Section 504 Mistakes Do We Have to Pay? The Impact of Forest Grove and Other IDEA Reimbursement Cases on Your School District
Price: $28.65
Price: $27.45
You learn about the 10 discipline issues that pose the most difficulties for schools – and how you can avoid making discipline decisions that result in emotional, expensive litigation. The Forest Grove decision has opened the floodgates for a swell of costly lawsuits from parents.
Educating Students With Autism in the LRE: IDEA Rules and Decision Digest Educating Students With Disabilities: An Analysis of Federal Law
Price: $28.50
Price: $395.00
What is the LRE for a student with autism? Make a sound determination every time with guidance in this one-of-a-kind resource. Every decision you make regarding how you serve students with disabilities needs to be viewed through the prism of law and case law.
ELs With Disabilities: A Guide for Identification, Assessments, and Services ESSA and IDEA Assessment and Accountability Rules Made Simple
Price: $33.95
Price: $31.95
Packed with practical guidance on how to appropriately refer and identify students for special education, along with IEP best practices, this guide helps you serve students effectively and avoid costly, time-consuming disputes and litigation. Get current on ESSA’s sweeping changes to assessment and accountability rules for all students, including those with disabilities and English learners — without getting bogged down in legalese.
Extended School Year Services Under the IDEA and Section 504: Legal Standards and Case Law FBAs and BIPs: Meeting IDEA Compliance Obligations
Price: $34.25
Price: $28.95
This just-updated resource helps you eliminate the guesswork when trying to meet vague IDEA and Section 504 mandates for extended school year services — and limit mistakes that leave your district vulnerable to due process complaints. Don’t leave staff guessing when it comes to following the complex IDEA rules surrounding functional behavioral assessments and behavioral intervention plans.
Field Trips: Inclusion Beyond the Classroom for Students With Disabilities From Rowley to Forest Grove: Key Court Decisions Special Educators Need to Know
Price: $31.50
Price: $24.95
It’s not easy to ensure that field trips comply with all legal requirements and also provide a safe, educational experience for the student. Understand the most significant judicial decisions affecting special education from the past 25 years — including the Honig, Cedar Rapids and Falvo rulings.
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