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From Early Intervention ... to Preschool Programs ... and School-Age Services A Parent's Guide to Transitioning Young Children with Special Needs Problem-Solving Skills 101: A Behavior-Management Program for Young Students
Price: $23.95
Price: $22.45
This essential tool helps you support families as their children with disabilities transition from early intervention to preschool, and from preschool to kindergarten special education services. Designed for district- and school-level administrators, this useful guide shows you and your staff how to involve young children in problem-solving strategies — so they understand why a specific behavior is inappropriate and recognize proper replacement behavior.
Serving Preschool-Age Children With Disabilities: Evaluation, Eligibility, Placement and Transition
Price: $29.50
Although most IDEA requirements for preschoolers are identical to those of older students, important differences alter the manner in which services are provided.