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Avoiding Retaliation for Previous EEO Activity
This course is designed to explain how the basic legal concepts of employment discrimination, are applied in the areas of reprisal-based disparate treatment and harassment, as well as per se violations of the law against retaliation.

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Charges in Formal Disciplinary Actions
This course is designed to guide HR practitioners and supervisors through the legally complicated world of crafting charges that will be used in formal disciplinary actions such as reprimands, suspensions, demotions and terminations.

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Complying with MD-715 and Developing a Model EEO Program
This course is designed to explain in detail the reporting requirements of the EEOC's Management Directive 715 (MD-715), with techniques and practices intended to make compliance with the directive efficient, as well as to assist practitioners in reaching the goal of MD-715 compliance: the development of a model agency EEO program.

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Defining Discrimination
The course, Defining Discrimination defines the concepts of disparate treatment and harassment, and demonstrates how they apply to the federal equal employment opportunity process.

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Disabilities in Hiring and Promotion
The government urges federal agencies to hire and promote people with disabilities.

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Disability and the Law
This course helps you recognize and address the issues involved with determining whether a complainant is protected under the Rehabilitation Act.

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Diversity and Inclusion Matters: Guidance for the Federal Workplace
Public policy has always been to ensure that the federal workforce is as diverse as the society it serves.

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Employee Appeals
This course will guide the HR practitioner through the various federal appeals processes.

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Federal Qualification Standards: What HR Needs to Know
Every time you need to screen applicants and make placement decisions for current or former competitive service employees, you have to apply the federal qualification standards.

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Investigating EEO Complaints
This course is designed to provide users with the tools needed to effectively conduct EEO investigations.

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