IEP Goals that Make a Difference: An Administrator's Guide to Improving the Process -- Second Edition What Do I Do When... The Answer Book on Special Education Law -- Sixth Edition
From ESSA's new accountability requirements, to the Endrew F. ruling's emphasis on "specially designed instruction" - changes in law and policy demand improved student outcomes through properly constructed IEPs. The Sixth Edition needs to be on every educator's desk -- in quick reach whenever you have a question on your legal obligations to students with disabilities regarding eligibility, evaluations, transition services, transportation, parental consent, related services and more!
What Do I Do When...<sup>&#174;</sup> Providing Reasonable Accommodation in the Federal Workplace -- Second Edition Can Title I Pay for This? A Guide to Determining Allowable Costs
Learn the proper steps to take when an employee requests reasonable accommodation. Get the tools and expert guidance you need to determine allowability of any Title I purchase -- updated to incorporate ESSA's new supplement, not supplant rules.
Section 504 Compliance: The Complete K-12 Handbook Federal EEO Advisor
Federal EEO Advisor
Price: $300.00
Your complete 504 compliance manual — combining legal and practical guidance specific to K-12 schools. With thousands of EEO complaints filed every year, just trying to keep current can eat up all your time.