IEP Goals that Make a Difference: An Administrator's Guide to Improving the Process -- Second Edition What Do I Do When... The Answer Book on Special Education Law -- Sixth Edition
From ESSA's new accountability requirements, to the Endrew F. ruling's emphasis on "specially designed instruction" - changes in law and policy demand improved student outcomes through properly constructed IEPs. The Sixth Edition needs to be on every educator’s desk — in quick reach whenever you have a question on your legal obligations to students with disabilities regarding eligibility, evaluations, transition services, transportation, parental consent, related services and more!
Can Title I Pay for This? A Guide to Determining Allowable Costs What Do I Do When...<sup>&#174;</sup> Providing Reasonable Accommodation in the Federal Workplace -- Second Edition
Get the tools and expert guidance you need to determine allowability of any Title I purchase. Learn the proper steps to take when an employee requests reasonable accommodation.