What Do I Do When...<sup>&#174;</sup> Providing Reasonable Accommodation in the Federal Workplace -- Second Edition Federal EEO Advisor
Federal EEO Advisor
Price: $315.00
Learn the proper steps to take when an employee requests reasonable accommodation. With thousands of EEO complaints filed every year, just trying to keep current can eat up all your time.
2022 Federal Retirement Guide The Special Educator
The Special Educator
Price: $345.00
Be sure you know the latest rules and formulas so your calculations are on the mark! Before you convene another IEP meeting ... write another behavior plan ... determine the LRE for another student ... take a look at The Special Educator® -- special educators' most trusted source for 30+ years.
What Do I Do When... The Answer Book on Special Education Law -- Sixth Edition 2022 Federal Manager's Guide<sup>&#174;</sup>
The Sixth Edition needs to be on every educator's desk -- in quick reach whenever you have a question on your legal obligations to students with disabilities regarding eligibility, evaluations, transition services, transportation, parental consent, related services and more! Make sure you have the new 2022 Federal Manager’s Guide®on hand … with quick access to guidance based on all the latest laws, regulations and mandated procedures you need to comply with.