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EDGAR-Plus: Education Department General Administrative Regulations -- Fourth Edition Federal Education Grants Management: What Administrators Need to Know -- Fifth Edition
Price: $33.95
Price: $142.00
EDGAR-Plus is your must-have reference for requirements regarding procurement, time and effort, cash management, financial reporting and other changing grants management practices. Three attorneys who specialize in education grants management clearly explain the rules and requirements of the Education Department General Administrative Regulations -- including the new Uniform Grant Guidance -- so you can ensure your costs are allowable and that your procurement, inventory and financial management systems are set up to be in compliance.
From Better to Best: Practical Strategies to Boost Efficiency in Your Education Foundation Get that Grant: Your Guide to Planning Successful K-12 Grant Proposals
Price: $30.85
Price: $26.25
This unique guide provides specific, practical recommendations to enhance the effectiveness of your education foundation and improve its financial return. Planning is key to crafting solid proposals that win over potential funders and bring in the money.
The Do's and Don'ts of Education Compliance: Audits, Monitoring and Enforcement The Grants Glossary: An Educator's Guide to Codes, Terms and Tools
Price: $39.00
Price: $28.25
Discover insight on the audit, monitoring and enforcement requirements associated with U.S. Department of Education grants. Advance your grantseeking with this portable, quick-reference guide!
They Did It - You Can Too! Form, Fund and Operate Your Own Education Foundation What Funders Want: Developing Evaluation Plans to Support Your K-12 Grant Applications
Price: $32.75
Price: $31.95
This unique guide recounts, step-by-step, the creation and organization of a successful education foundation -- giving you a ready-made blueprint for forming your own funding system. Today's K-12 funders won't award money unless your initiative includes an evaluation plan and a supporting "program logic chart."