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"Together We Succeed": Building a Better System for Transitioning Preschoolers with Disabilities Early Childhood Report
Price: $49.95
Price: $225.00
Get innovative strategies for developing and implementing a researched-based system for smooth transitions for preschool children with special needs and their families. From increasing early literacy to pinpointing behavioral problems at an early age, and from boosting parental involvement to creating effective transition plans for preschoolers … Early Childhood Report gives you the practical guidance you need to develop the most effective programs for young learners with disabilities and serve their families.
Enhancing Executive Function in the Early Years: Environment, Instruction and Adaptations to Promote School Readiness From Early Intervention ... to Preschool Programs ... and School-Age Services A Parent's Guide to Transitioning Young Children with Special Needs
Price: $32.50
Price: $23.95
Proactive steps to address executive functioning deficits during early childhood can positively impact school success, as well as the child’s health and future well-being. This essential tool helps you support families as their children with disabilities transition from early intervention to preschool, and from preschool to kindergarten special education services.
Problem-Solving Skills 101: A Behavior-Management Program for Young Students Serving Preschool-Age Children With Disabilities: Evaluation, Eligibility, Placement and Transition
Price: $22.45
Price: $29.50
Designed for district- and school-level administrators, this useful guide shows you and your staff how to involve young children in problem-solving strategies — so they understand why a specific behavior is inappropriate and recognize proper replacement behavior. Although most IDEA requirements for preschoolers are identical to those of older students, important differences alter the manner in which services are provided.