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Federal Personnel Guide on the Web
Federal Personnel Guide on the Web

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Includes No FEAR Act Training Videos!

For more than 3 decades, the Federal Personnel Guide has updated hundreds of thousands of federal employees like yourself and your staff with new policy, tables and charts, answering benefit and career questions from the simplest to the toughest, such as:

  • What positions and grade levels are suitable for part-time employment and/or job sharing?
  • How does a candidate or current employee apply for a student loan repayment?
  • Who is responsible for training in my agency?
  • Are annuity payments subject to federal income tax?
  • Are all work injuries covered under FECA?
  • What makes an employee eligible for a buyout?
  • What official travel expenses and classes of employees are exempt from mandatory use of the government travel card?

Bonus: No FEAR Act Training!

Federal Personnel Guide on the Web features Training Videos that make it a snap to fulfill your No FEAR Act training requirements. After you complete the training, an assessment quiz is available to assess your understanding, as well as a certificate of completion to help meet your agency's record-keeping requirements!

Federal Personnel Guide on the Web provides instant — and easy — searchable access to:

  • 75+ Standard Forms — Onscreen with a click, access commonly used forms for retirement, job-finding, FEGLI, FEHB and more. Simply print the forms you need right away from your computer!
  • Pay Tables — Know your pay to the penny with Basic Salary, Federal Wage System, Locality Rate, Special Salary, Title 38 and NSPS Pay Tables.
  • 65+ Source Reference Documents — FEGLI and FEHB handbooks, booklets and guides … basic retirement information — CSRS, FERS, TSP, Social Security … IRS handbooks to make tax filing easier … plus dozens more. Just click for instant access.
  • Six full-text titles of the Code of Federal Regulations — Title 5, 20, 29, 38, 39 and 41. Ends time-intensive Internet searching — the regulations are just a click away.
  • Directories — Essential contact information with Web and e-mail address hyperlinks for commonly referenced parties — department and agency HR officers, government departments and agencies' headquarters, Office of Personnel Management, attorney listings, and more.

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