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IEP Team Trainer
IEP Team Trainer
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Each month, IEP Team Trainer® delivers all the tools you need to direct your district’s IEP mission -- and ensure you create legally sound IEPs that meet your students' educational, developmental and behavioral needs.

You get practical advice on how to understand and comply with the IDEA's procedural and substantive requirements for both the IEP process and the document your team produces. And, you learn techniques to lead the team, achieve consensus, defuse tension and enhance communication among IEP team members, staff and parents — so you can minimize disputes during and after the process.

Take a look at the types of guidance you can expect from IEP Team Trainer®:

  • Determining the required IEP team members for a particular child
  • How to handle transfer IEPs of incoming students
  • Where your IEP teams can find peer-reviewed research
  • Knowing when IEPs must be modified to prevent regression in the child’s home
  • When and how IEP team members can be excused from a meeting
  • What transition-related goals must be included in a student’s IEP
  • And much more!

Each monthly issue of IEP Team Trainer® also brings you a special supplement, Training Tips for IEP Team Members. Focused directly on helping your team members contribute more effectively to the IEP process, this quick-read 2-page supplement highlights:

  • Tips and key points for complying with IDEA
  • Questions team members should ask when determining critical issues, such as eligibility, reevaluations and related services
  • Sample language team members can refer to and use in meetings
  • Appropriate educational methodologies for specific disabilities
  • And more

Best of all, you get 5 copies of Training Tips For IEP Team Members each month, so you can give each team member their own copy — ongoing professional development that your IEP team members can fit into their individual schedules.

(Electronic Newsletter. 12 PDF issues/yr. Product Code: 300220.ELE)

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