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Truancy, Work Refusal and Home Problems: When are Schools Responsible?
Truancy, Work Refusal and Home Problems: When are Schools Responsible?
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By Jose L. Martín, Esq.

Now includes more case law analysis and new strategies to keep your district out of due process!

It’s a frequent dilemma for administrators and IEP teams: Is a student's willful refusal to attend school or obey his parents an area of educational need to be addressed under the IDEA? Or is it the responsibility of local truancy judges, juvenile authorities and mental health agencies? How about a student's drug use or runaway behavior?

Get an in-depth analysis of case decisions, as an expert special education attorney explains where courts and hearing officers have drawn the line between educational need and mental health care need. You also learn about issues unresolved by the courts – but reoccurring in school districts – such as one-to-one aides, family-based services and homebound services.

Plus, you get suggestions based on the latest cases to:

  • Use the IEP process to address significant attendance or truancy problems once a student is IDEA-eligible
  • Schedule a psychological evaluation when planning services and interventions to address school refusal
  • Transition students with school phobia back into the classroom
  • Establish credit recovery programs to help students rescue their chances of graduating
  • And more!

(2013. Softcover. 95 pp. Product Code: 300209. S/H: $5.50)