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Special Education Law Monthly
Special Education Law Monthly
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The best way to avoid costly legal disputes with students and parents is to know what practices landed uninformed districts in hot water.

Rely on Special Education Law Monthly to update you on the latest case-law affecting all aspects of your special education programs.

From discipline to evaluations, and from eligibility to related services, you'll make decisions with confidence knowing you're on top of the most recent:

  • Federal and state court rulings
  • SEA due process hearing decisions
  • OSERS and OSEP Letters of Clarification
  • OCR Letters of Finding

Special Education Law Monthly is designed to save you time. A quick glance at the cover page gives you an overview of all the case subjects covered inside plus a brief description of each ruling. Skim the cover to determine which rulings you want to focus on now. And, you can refer to the cover pages of past issues when you need guidance on handling specific situations that arise.

Inside, Special Education Law Monthly is packed with easy-to-understand summaries that quickly get to the heart of each ruling. You learn how the courts and hearing officers are ruling on other districts' policies and actions -- so you can avoid the same expensive, time-consuming litigation.

You find out which practices are legally sound -- and which are not -- so you know how to handle:

  • Transportation for students with disabilities
  • Tuition reimbursement for parentally placed private school students
  • Placement decisions
  • Child find obligations
  • IEP meetings and parental notification
  • And much more

(Electronic Newsletter. 12 PDF issues/yr. Product Code: 300073.ELE)