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Confidentiality in Student Testing: Access and Disclosure Requirements Under FERPA and the IDEA

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Now incorporating changes brought about by FERPA amendments and the Uninterrupted Scholars Act, this just-updated guide analyzes the current state of the law regarding student privacy, records disclosure and parental access rights as they relate to testing, test protocols, assessments and evaluations.

You’ll be empowered to create and implement student records policies that follow all your legal requirements with the latest on:

  • U.S. Education Department guidance on student privacy protections while using online educational services
  • Cases addressing the clash between parents’ rights to review test protocols and manufacturers’ copyright protections
  • Recent FPCO and OSEP pronouncements on issues relating to parental access and confidentiality
  • And more!

Plus, chapters delve deep into your specific requirements under FERPA, the IDEA and Section 504 to ensure you understand when test protocols are considered “education records,” when you can destroy test instruments and more — so you respond properly when faced with an access or disclosure issue.

(2016. Pamphlet. 98 pp. Product Code: 300284. S/H: $5.50)

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