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Beyond FERPA: A Guide to Student Records Under the IDEA Confidentiality in Student Testing: Access and Disclosure Requirements Under FERPA and the IDEA
Price: $32.75
Price: $28.25
Develop compliant education records policies and prevent confidentiality violations with this just-updated guide — packed with current analysis of your district’s responsibilities under the IDEA and Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act. Now incorporating changes brought about by FERPA amendments and the Uninterrupted Scholars Act, this just-updated guide analyzes the current state of the law regarding student privacy, records disclosure and parental access rights as they relate to testing, test protocols, assessments and evaluations.
Education Records and Confidentiality: Meeting FERPA and IDEA Requirements FERPA and Electronic Education Records: A Compliance Guide for Proper Management
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Price: $27.45
This course spells out the legal requirements governing student records under FERPA and the IDEA so school and district personnel – in both general and special education – know what information they can share with others and under what circumstances. The transition to the Digital Age has drastically changed the way your district approaches student privacy.
FERPA and School Safety: Understanding the Rules for Permissible Disclosures FERPA Made Simple: Staff Training on Student Privacy Rights, School Responsibilities
Price: $30.45
Price: $95.00
Find out in this essential guide, which spells out the key exceptions to FERPA’s rule prohibiting disclosure of education records without parental or student consent in a health or safety crisis. Introducing the ideal in-service tutorial to help your administrative, professional and paraprofessional staff understand students’ and parents’ rights under the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act — and successfully handle complex student privacy and records issues.
From the FERPA File: Quick Tips on Student Education Records - Second Edition Searches, Seizures and Drug Testing Procedures: Balancing Rights and School Safety - Second Edition
Price: $29.50
Price: $32.75
Get straightforward guidance to effectively manage student education records under FERPA. This authoritative resource examines reasonable student and employee searches and seizures — along with proper drug-testing protocol.
Student Record Privacy and School Safety: A Balanced Approach to Legally Compliant Disclosures Student Record Privacy: What Districts Can, Should and Must Do to Comply With FERPA and IDEA
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Price: $250.00
Prepare now to make compliant decisions the next time you face a health or safety emergency in your school! Student records are subject to complex and confusing laws.
Understanding HIPAA: A Guide to School District Privacy Obligations What Do I Do When...® The Answer Book on the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA)
Price: $26.95
Price: $235.00
Get straightforward guidance to effectively manage student record privacy and your FERPA requirements — including new FERPA regulations on disclosing student records in a health or safety emergency, definitions of "personally identifiable information," and what constitutes “directory information.” Get answers to more than 250 questions involving education-record management.