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2009 Report on Nonprofit Executive Compensation Board Member Manual 20th Edition
Price: $14.75
Price: $52.00
Find out how much your colleagues earn – and gain a tool to use during compensation negotiations with your board. The new 20th Edition of the Board Member Manual brings together all the essential elements of effective board service in one convenient resource — making this a must-have rule book for every board member!
Developing your Board: How to Build Stronger Roles, Relationships and Responsibilities Development Office Management: Forms, Checklists & Guidelines, Second Edition
Price: $21.65
Price: $126.00
This 49-page pamphlet provides you with helpful hints on working with your board day-to-day -- so you can avoid inefficient board meetings, inappropriate actions by your board members, and board interference in staff issues. The Second Edition of Development Office Management: Forms, Checklists  makes it easy to put great fundraising programs into action, measure results and move your mission forward -- fast!
Nonprofit Organization Management: Forms, Checklists and Guidelines- 3rd Edition Nonprofit Personnel Policies, Third Edition
Price: $98.50
Price: $79.50
Run a successful nonprofit organization with this updated loose-leaf manual – packed with practical ideas, ready-to-use forms, checklists, tools and guidelines for every piece of the puzzle. The essential legal guide for every nonprofit administrator!
Sources of Operating Grants, 6th Edition
Price: $79.95
This paperback book helps you quickly locate hard-to-find funding for regular personnel, administrative and other non-program related operating expenses.