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RTI in Restrictive Settings: The TIERS Model for Students with Emotional/Behavioral Disorders

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By Clayton R. Cook, Ph.D., and Diana Browning Wright, MS, LEP

It’s time to give up the “wait-to-fail” model for EBD students and learn a new, evidence-based approach built on the solid science of RTI with proven results.

Get the first and only guide to implementing the new Tiers of Intensive Educationally Responsive Services (TIERS) Model to help EBD students who don’t respond to behavioral RTI and require even more intensive interventions outside the general education classroom.

RTI in Restrictive Settings gives you real-world strategies and tools to design and deliver the TIERS Model, supported by the research and legal bases for placing EBD students in alternative settings. Going beyond the third tier of RTI, eight step-by-step chapters spell out how to:

  • Use the TIERS Model to restructure existing programs or start the initiative from scratch
  • Form a TIERS leadership team and establish team member roles
  • Implement the three intensified support levels so you can create the pyramid of supports in a TIERS classroom
  • Collect data and make valid, defensible decisions about placing students in a TIERS classroom
  • Monitor student progress and eventually return them to the general ed classroom

Complete with forms, tables and figures that help you understand, plan and implement the model every step of the way.

(2009. Softcover. 219 pp. Product Code: 300601. S/H: $5.50)

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