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Partnering for Success: How to Build Strong Internal Collaborations in Higher Education
Partnering for Success: How to Build Strong Internal Collaborations in Higher Education
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By Dr. Alicia B. Harvey-Smith

With so many demands placed upon colleges and universities, the need is growing for an organizational environment that allows the higher education infrastructure and student body to co-exist and co-create supportive systems through collaboration. This need is often complicated by faculty members, staff, and students who are unable or unwilling to act.

Partnering for Success examines many of the critical divides that exist which impede the ability to establish and maintain empowering partnerships. Then, the author offers step-by-step strategies for building strong collaborations among academic and nonacademic units, including how to generate buy-in for partnering efforts from everyone in the campus community. With details on several models and diagrams, you can develop your own framework for a healthy, sustainable collaboration, allowing your department to better:

  • Leverage resources
  • Increase efficiency
  • Yield concrete benefits
  • Forge successful partnerships
  • Boost clout on campus
  • And more!

Partnering for Success is broken down into the following chapters to walk through the process of creating effective collaborations:

  1. The Academy's Dirty Little Secret
  2. Forming Comprehensive Teams
  3. The Impact of Closed Systems
  4. The Power of Relationships to Enhance Institutional Effectiveness
  5. Open and Caring Systems - A Catalyst for Authentic Collaborations
  6. Strategies for Building Strong Internal Partnerships
  7. A Framework for Transforming Collaborative Processes
  8. New Expectations for Partnerships in Learning-Centered Organizations
  9. Raising the Standard in Accountability and Outcomes
  10. A Look to the Future

Plus, this new pamphlet provides research-backed data including the author's 7th Learning College Principle, which gives you insight into how to ready your campus for internal partnerships -- so you can ensure that collaborations will produce successful results.

(2007. Pamphlet. 88 pp. Product Code: 31135. S/H: $5.50)