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Developing New In-District Special Education Programs: Your Step-by-Step Compliance Guide

Price: $30.50


Creating an in-district special education program can aid in complying with the IDEA's least restrictive environment mandate and help you use your budget most effectively. But how do you ensure you’re considering all the legal requirements? Where do you begin? And how do you keep the process moving forward?

Introducing your first-ever action plan — walking you through every step from conducting a needs assessment to transitioning students from out-of-district placements. Ease the procedural burden and resolve fiscal challenges with lessons from legal cases and best practices to:

  • Hone in on the most effective new in-district program to create
  • Prepare for potential legal disputes regarding your new program
  • Determine if out-of-district placement will be eliminated altogether
  • Head off predetermination claims
  • And more!

Plus, you get checklists to help you tailor your program: LRE Considerations, Related Service Options, Obtaining School Board Consent and others.

(2016. Pamphlet. 42 pp Product Code: 300664. S/H: $5.50)

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