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One-to-One Aides for Students With Autism: A Practical and Legal Guide

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While a one-to-one aide may help some children with autism, it also raises questions: Does the child need one-to-one assistance to receive FAPE? Do the parents have a say in the district’s choice of aide?

Get all the guidance you need in this resource, combining explanations of your district's legal requirements, case summaries and valuable compliance strategies — so you can minimize the potential for IDEA litigation as you:

  • Determine whether the use of an aide is necessary and appropriate for a child
  • Communicate with parents about sensitive issues and foster positive relationships
  • Select a qualified aide and handle parents’ requests for a specific aide
  • Ensure that aides promote growth rather than dependence
  • Prepare for the reduction or termination of an aide's services

Plus, model tools provide further guidance to staff, including Aide Planning: Considerations and Recommendations, Student Needs Analysis, and more!

(2015. Pamphlet. 86 pp. Product Code: 300603. S/H: $5.50)

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