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  One-to-One Aides for Students With Autism: A Practical and Legal Guide

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What do you do when parents request one-on-one assistance for their child with autism, but the district thinks it’s unnecessary? When parents insist on a particular aide? Or challenge an aide's qualifications?

Pairing case summaries with practical advice, this all-in-one pamphlet helps you fulfill your legal obligations to provide aides plus communicate more effectively with parents — so you serve students better and minimize legal disputes.

From aide qualifications to safety, FAPE and nonacademic activities, you learn key legal requirements and get guidance on how to:

  • Talk with parents about a child's need for an aide
  • Respond when a parent requests a specific aide
  • Ensure that aides promote growth rather than dependence
  • Phase out a child’s use of an aide
  • And more!

Plus, plain-language summaries of relevant judicial decisions, OCR letters and SEA decisions show you which actions will land your district in legal hot water.

(2009. Pamphlet. 44 pp. Product Code: 300603. S/H: $5.50)

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