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Federal Workplace Harassment: Identifying the Root, Responding Effectively
Federal Workplace Harassment: Identifying the Root, Responding Effectively
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Presented by Ed McCaffrey

Do perceptions of harassment arise because some people are oversensitive? Or perhaps because some are insensitive? Sometimes. But more often perceptions are triggered by unconscious assumptions about the other person. Because each of us has our own idea of “fair treatment,” we can view the same behavior differently -- and that leads to conflict.

Minimize workplace conflict by understanding the underlying issues of harassing behavior.

In just 90 minutes, gain a better understanding of the full picture of harassing behavior and how to get everyone in the workplace to think about it in a new way. EEO law expert Ed McCaffrey will explain the conflict-resolution skills needed to address friction between people so it doesn’t grow into continuing harassment. After all, the earlier harassing behavior is addressed, the easier it is to resolve.

Along with the daily actions required to create a respectful work culture, you’ll discover how to:

  • Question your own assumptions about any incidents that occur
  • Consider how each employee’s expectation of fair dealing affects a specific situation
  • Create a climate of trust where employees have the courage to make a timely complaint or to speak freely during an investigation
  • And more!

You’ll also explore the unconscious processes that cause us to devalue the other person’s point of view, with a focus on how easily this tendency can pop up in a conflict-filled situation and how to counteract it.

(2010. CD. 90 min. Product Code: 4900.120210)

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