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Dismissed! When and How to Reject Federal EEO Complaints
Dismissed! When and How to Reject Federal EEO Complaints
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Presented by Hal Stein

Knowing when and how to dismiss an EEO complaint can save your agency time, money and the aggravation of having to process a case that shouldn’t have been dismissed in the first place. Get the guidance you need to improve your agency’s dismissal track record straight from Hal Stein, who has spent more than 35 years in the federal EEO arena and experienced all facets of the complaints process firsthand.

Confidently dismiss EEO complaints and ask questions of an expert in the field.

Mr. Stein discusses each of the bases for dismissal outlined in 29 CFR 1614.107, providing a clear explanation of each reason as well as how a dismissal should be presented to make it defensible -- so you can avoid common procedural errors. You also learn the appropriate case law to cite in connection with each basis. From timeliness and failure to state a claim, to mootness and failure to cooperate, you gain the full-picture knowledge to determine when to dismiss employees’ EEO complaints and how to do it properly.

Minimize reversals of your agency’s dismissal decisions with guidance on:

  • How to properly define a claim without being unnecessarily wordy
  • Whether a claim may be dismissed after it has been accepted and investigated
  • How to determine whether the complainant has shown he was subjected to a “material adverse employment action”
  • Criteria that need to be applied when it comes to suspected abuse of the EEO process
  • Various bases for dismissal in EEO MD-110 and other factors not detailed in print
  • And more!

(2010. CD. 90 min. Product Code: 4900.101910)

(Printed materials included. CDs must be prepaid. No returns on CDs.)

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