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Complying With the New ADA: What Federal Agencies Need to Know
Complying With the New ADA: What Federal Agencies Need to Know
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Presented by Gary Gilbert and Ernest Hadley

In its introduction to the new ADA, Congress states its intent that "the primary object of attention in cases brought under the ADA should be whether entities covered under the ADA have complied with their obligations" and that "the question of whether an individual's impairment is a disability under the ADA should not demand extensive analysis."

But with no implementing regulations in place, how can your agency be sure it complies with the new law?

In just 90 minutes, federal employment law experts and attorneys Gary Gilbert and Ernest Hadley clarify the intent and purpose of the new ADA and provide solid guidance on accommodating employees with disabilities in the federal workplace. You gain a firm understanding of the scope of the new law, including how to apply the broadened protection afforded to those "regarded as" having a disability and when it is not required to provide reasonable accommodation to individuals newly covered under the ADA.

Plus, Mr. Gilbert and Mr. Hadley explore changes to key provisions, including how the new law now defines:

  • An individual with a disability
  • Major life activities
  • Substantial limitation
  • Significantly restricted

What's more, you get expert advice on how to effectively deal with performance and conduct issues presented by employees with disabilities.

(2009. CD. 90 min. Product Code: 4900.071409)

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