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Broida on Security-Based Removals and Indefinite Suspensions
Broida on Security-Based Removals and Indefinite Suspensions
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Presented by Peter Broida

Before 2012, if an agency suspended an employee's security clearance or revoked classified access, and it led to suspension, that was the end of it. The agency's deciding official was not required to determine whether the employee's arguments for reversing the suspended clearance or access were valid. That's all changed.

Now your agency must provide the employee with due process -- "a meaningful opportunity to respond to the suspension of the clearance or classified access." So where does that leave your agency?

Find out from highly regarded federal employment law expert Peter Broida, as he gets you up to speed on where the law currently stands. He'll decipher the MSPB's recent landmark decisions in McGriff v. Department of the Navy and key companion cases, explaining how they require your agency to change its approach and provide procedural protections to employees involved in security-related removals and suspensions. Plus, you'll learn:

  • What the MSPB can and can't review
  • Parameters of the deciding official's authority related to affirming indefinite suspensions
  • What does and does not constitute giving an employee "meaningful opportunity to respond"
  • Factors that the MSPB considers when determining what type of due process is required in each case
  • And more!

(2013. CD. 90 min. Product Code: 4900.041713)

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