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Broida on MSPB Success
Broida on MSPB Success
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Presented by Peter Broida

There’s nothing more frustrating than seeing all the time, effort and money you’ve spent taking an adverse action be rendered moot when the MSPB overturns your decision. But with so many steps, rules and deadlines in the MSPB process, how do you avoid it?

With guidance from Peter Broida, one of the nation’s top experts in federal employment law litigation. He’s represented appellants, unions and agencies in hundreds of cases – and he draws from all this experience to guide you through appeal-proofing your decisions.

In 90 minutes, you learn about the 10 most common mistakes that doom your case before the MSPB – and how to avoid each one. From assuring the legal sufficiency of your case to presenting it before the Board, Mr. Broida walks you through:

  • The proposal/decision and evidentiary development
  • The importance of the record
  • Response to the appeal
  • Early settlement approaches
  • Discovery
  • Due process during the reply process
  • Hearing organization

Plus, he shares his expertise on how to:

  • Develop a legal research strategy
  • Create a due process checklist for agency officials
  • Write solid narrative responses, prehearing submissions and closing arguments
  • Deal with difficult judges and opposing counsel or pro se appellants
  • Petition for review of a board decision

(2012. CD. 90 min. Product Code: 4900.032812)

(Printed materials included. CDs must be prepaid. No returns on CDs.)