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Manager Advantage
Manager Advantage
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Manager Advantage is the unique online tool that federal managers and supervisors rely on to develop leadership skills and make informed decisions — using guidance based on your agency’s policies and OPM’s ECQs and leadership competencies.

Manager Advantage makes communication easy by giving you a forum to provide training tools and skill-building resources. It puts your routine guidance into managers’ hands every day. Use this innovative site to ...

    Continuously build managers’ professional capacity and expand their knowledge of agency responsibilities under federal employment law

    Prepare managers – in advance – on the appropriate ways to respond to the myriad employee issues they will inevitably face

    Help managers implement the core leadership competencies – ultimately leading to an efficient, highly productive workplace

    Give managers a strong foundation of best practices they can draw from to prevent small issues from blowing up into big problems

    Foster managers’ acceptance of accountability for ensuring high-quality, timely, and cost-effective results

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