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From Formal Discussions to Weingarten Meetings: Avoiding ULP Charges When Meeting With Employees
From Formal Discussions to <i>Weingarten</i> Meetings: Avoiding ULP Charges When Meeting With Employees
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Two of the most common unfair labor practice (ULP) claims are alleged violations of the union's right to be notified of a formal discussion and denial of an employee's request for representation at an investigative (Weingarten) interview.

This course will show you how meetings can lead to ULP charges, specifically meetings designed to have an employee elicit answers to questions regarding conduct or performance, and meetings conducted by management that involve one or more bargaining unit employees to discuss personnel policies, conditions of employment or grievances.

Supervisors, managers, LR specialists, HR professionals and unions will benefit from this course by learning how to make a clear determination of when a meeting requires union presence -- and when it doesn't -- and the details of what happens after a charge is filed.

(Product Code: 4400.LR3C)

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