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Diversity and Inclusion Matters: Guidance for the Federal Workplace
Diversity and Inclusion Matters: Guidance for the Federal Workplace
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Public policy has always been to ensure that the federal workforce is as diverse as the society it serves. And President Obama’s August 2011 Executive Order serves to emphasize agencies’ responsibility to promote equal employment opportunity, diversity and inclusion.

This course explains the relationship between the concepts of diversity and inclusion, and why each needs to be a top priority. The course details how inclusion can improve work environment, employee and agency performance, and mission accomplishment. This course also introduces the federal equal employment opportunity (EEO) process and its role in creating a discrimination-free workplace.

It’s the ideal way not only to train employees on the requirements of EEO law, but also to demonstrate that the agency is acting to meet the needs of diverse groups and to ensure that the workplace is conducive to all employees achieving their full potential.

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