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Addressing Hostile Work Environment Claims: Your Agency's Q&A Guide
Addressing Hostile Work Environment Claims: Your Agency's Q&A Guide
Price: $34.95


$150,000 for emotional distress
$300,000 in damages
$829,000 in damages, attorney's fees and costs

Awards against federal agencies in hostile work environment claims are huge. Are you next to pay?

Save your agency from creating a morale-busting, productivity-killing hostile work environment – and the resulting costly claims. This quick-flip Q&A guide answers your questions about processing, defending against and remedying claims, so you know the best way to address specific situations (an employee proselytizing in the workplace) and can apply the knowledge learned to avoid claims (a hostile work environment created by a co-worker).

Cut the personnel hours and money spent defending against claims by getting:

  • Guidance to distinguish between claims that can be dismissed and those that can’t
  • A look at the specific bases of harassment and issues unique to each
  • Insights into emerging issues: harassment based on genetic information, the expansion of disability-related claims and the EEOC’s focus on gender stereotyping
  • Examples from EEOC decisions that put lessons learned into real workplace context
  • Compensatory damages chart to reference when determining an appropriate award

(2016. Pamphlet. 114 pp. Product Code: 4283)