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FLSA and the Federal Workplace: Your Roadmap to Compliance
FLSA and the Federal Workplace: Your Roadmap to Compliance
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Using outdated position descriptions to classify employees.
Allowing nonexempt employees to answer emails from home after work hours.
Deducting from an exempt employee’s salary for failing to return office equipment.

Making these or other inadvertent mistakes will leave you vulnerable to Fair Labor Standards Act claims.

With agencies settling FLSA claims for $7.5 million and $24 million -- and with claims on the rise -- you need to get on the compliant side of this complex law!

This first-of-its-kind resource explains FLSA requirements in plain English and provides specific guidance to help you properly classify employees -- and avoid the pitfalls that lead to costly claims.

Chapters explore exemptions from coverage, alternative work schedules, compensatory time off, use of smartphones and other technology, plus more -- showing you how to:

  • Determine which hours count as hours of work and ensure correct compensation
  • Prevent unapproved overtime hours without proper compensation
  • Avoid suffer and permit work
  • Demonstrate a good faith effort to comply with the law

Includes quick-reference Compliance Checklists to guide you through making and documenting your agency's classifications!

(2017. Pamphlet. 114 pp. Product Code: 4271)