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Federal Workers' Compensation Desk Book -- Second Edition
Federal Workers' Compensation Desk Book -- Second Edition
Price: $59.95


Finally, one resource for quick answers to your everyday questions on the federal workers’ comp process. The Desk Book combines explanations of the legal and administrative aspects of workers’ comp with best practices and agencies’ proven approaches -- making it easy to implement effective policies.

From claims processing, investigation and controversion, to medical exams and treatment, the Desk Book steers you through your day-to-day workers' comp challenges, with:

  • Quick-read summaries of key ECAB decisions, so you can learn from other agencies’ missteps
  • Strategies to prevent common employee injuries -- and ultimately reduce your workers’ comp costs
  • Details on successful return to work programs, so you can adopt what works
  • ECAB’s criteria for determining whether an injury occurred in the performance of duty -- to help you decide when to challenge a claim
  • OWCP forms

(2009. Softcover. 299 pp. Product Code: 4206.2ED)