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The Basics of Writing Federal-EEO Counselor Reports--Second Edition
The Basics of Writing Federal-EEO Counselor Reports--Second Edition
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The most concise and useful resource on Counselor Reports available! First, you learn all about the essential role that counselors and their reports play in the EEO process, what the report should look like, and how it’s used by others.

Then, you get guidance on every step -- clearly distinguishing bases of discrimination, sufficiently detailing an employee’s claim, adjusting the fact-finding process to the type of case and more -- so you write accurate, complete and objective reports that help your agency resolve cases successfully.

You also get:

  • A chapter on disability and religious accommodation claims
  • Guidance on dismissing EEO complaints
  • Suggested lines of inquiry to properly address common claims
  • Sample Counselor Report to use as a model when writing your own reports
  • EEO Counselor Checklist to help you advise employees of their rights and responsibilities
  • Example of a report of all disciplinary actions within a work unit, helping you analyze how the employee was treated in comparison with others
  • And more!

(2014. Pamphlet. 46 pp. Product Code: 4202.CNSLR2)