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Managing Today's Federal Employees
Managing Today's Federal Employees
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Every federal manager and supervisor needs to understand the legal and practical issues of leading federal employees. Make it easy with Managing Today’s Federal Employees ... the single best source for guidance and training on leading the federal workforce.

Each month, managers get guidance to help them comply with the myriad legal requirements covering federal employment and work through all the management trouble spots. Every page is filled with handle-it-this-way direction on the issues that trip up new and seasoned managers -- from delivering a removal or termination notice, to approving leave requests, to confronting a workplace bully and taking measures to ensure the behavior stops.

Eight quick-read pages deliver:

The Advisor -- “Hear” guidance straight from HR/Management expert Don Rider, as he answers questions based on real-life workplace situations.

Action Steps -- Follow bulleted lists of the steps needed to carry out specific responsibilities to ensure nothing gets overlooked.

Quick Tips -- Immediately incorporate these action-oriented directives to improve how the small aspects of bigger employee issues are handled.

Frequently Asked Questions -- Learn the best ways to handle employee situations while meeting your agency’s legal obligations, from probationary periods to off-duty misconduct.

And for the complete management picture, each issue includes straightforward summaries of the latest decisions by the MSPB, EEOC, FLRA, ECAB and related courts. Each summary’s What it means section spells out the essential lesson to be learned -- so managers know how to apply the ruling when faced with similar situations.

(Newsletter. 12 issues/year. Product Code: 40351A)

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