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Disability Compliance Bulletin
Disability Compliance Bulletin
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How do you stay on top of all the latest developments in all the laws and regulations affecting your employees with disabilities?

Turn to Disability Compliance Bulletin® to keep you up to date on the latest news and developments involving all the federal disability laws you need to know – the ADA, FMLA and Rehabilitation Act – as well as state disability discrimination statutes. Plus, you receive summaries of relevant letters issued by the DOJ, EEOC and the OCR — so you know the agencies’ positions on specific aspects of the laws — and what they consider to be violations.

Additionally, you get concise summaries of the latest judicial decisions – so in just minutes you know the backgrounds and outcomes of significant cases from across the country. Each summary wraps up the ruling in a short paragraph, giving you the essential lesson to be learned in easy-to-understand language — along with unique insights into how they affect your workplace and employees.

With Disability Compliance Bulletin® you:

  • Understand your obligations under the ADA, FMLA, Rehabilitation Act and other laws — so you’re better prepared to determine what’s reasonable, what’s required, and what’s not
  • Comply with the law while providing the most effective — and affordable — accommodations
  • Keep up with changing — and often conflicting — judicial interpretations of the laws
  • Head off litigation by working with employees to find the middle ground between desired and reasonable accommodations
  • And much more

(Newsletter. 20 issues/yr. Product Code: 31006. S/H: $39.50/yr.)

Volume pricing available, call 1-800-341-7874 for details.