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Charter School Special Education Compliance Advisor

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Implement compliant programs, improve parent-school relationships, and sidestep the minefield of costly litigation...

Introducing your monthly roadmap to navigating all the complex legal requirements and administrative responsibilities specific to serving students with disabilities in your charter school. Each issue explains your mandates under the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act and Section 504 – giving you a strong foundation of knowledge on compliant ways to:

  • Address special education programs in your charter application
  • Oversee and monitor your contract service providers
  • Develop effective individualized education programs
  • Ensure students are taught by appropriately trained personnel
  • Communicate with parents and troubleshoot commonly disputed issues
  • And more!

You also get insights and lessons learned from administrators who are implementing successful programs you can emulate to become a high-quality charter school.

Plus more valuable guidance in these featured columns:

Legal Cases and Decisions - Summarize relevant judicial rulings, state educational agency decisions, and Office for Civil Rights Letters of Findings – so you know where other charter schools erred and can avoid missteps that lead to disputes with parents.

Monthly Advice from Expert Attorneys - Straight from a law firm that specializes in charter school law, you get advice on compliant ways to ensure that students receive a free appropriate public education.

(Newsletter. 12 issues/year. Product Code: 300640. S/H: $29.50/yr.)

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