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Title I Dictionary -- Second Edition

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Title I is loaded with obscure lingo related to programmatic, fiscal and documentation requirements. And now the Every Student Succeeds Act introduces a host of new terms, renamed practices and unfamiliar concepts.

This new Second Edition deciphers them all — making it the essential desk reference for new and veteran Title I staff. Defining more than 750 Title I, ESEA and ESSA terms, the Dictionary transforms jargon into plain-language explanations, so you can easily apply the concepts as you carry out your responsibilities.

Along with every must-know Title I term, you get instant access to terms related to:

  • ESSA accountability requirements, such as comprehensive and targeted support and improvement
  • Common best practices, like blended learning and pay for success
  • Tricky fiscal rules, including supplement not supplant
  • Special education and English learner communities
  • Additional ESEA grants including McKinney-Vento

Plus full explanations of every education-related acronym you’ve ever come across!

(2016. Softcover. 178 pp. Product Code: 300639.2ED. S/H: $5.50)

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