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School Law Handbook
School Law Handbook
Price: $335.00


This 2-volume set gives you a comprehensive analysis of major legal issues affecting elementary and secondary students, schools and staff. Each chapter explores one education-law topic in-depth, providing solid guidance on fundamental issues and relevant case law.

Plus, you get easy-to-understand commentary and summaries of judicial decisions, including the cases' backgrounds, outcomes and the courts' reasoning behind the decisions - so you can recognize emerging legal trends

Chapters include:

  • Sexual Harassment of Students in Schools
  • The Educational Rights of Students with Disabilities - IDEA
  • Compensation of School Employees: Salary and Benefits
  • Discipline and Dismissal of School Employees
  • The First Amendment Rights of Students
  • And 17 more!

Plus, you get four updates each year - so you have the most recent guidance for accurate education-law research

(Loose-leaf subscription. 2 binders. 4 updates/yr. Product Code: 300090. S/H: $39.50)

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