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Progressive Discipline
This course explores the complicated world of the discipline of federal employees who engage in misconduct -- complicated in large part by a general misunderstanding of the basic principles of discipline and employee rights, and the widely-held belief that a federal employee cannot be terminated for any reason.

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Unacceptable Performance Actions
This course is designed to guide supervisors and management advisors through the legally complicated world of dealing with federal employees who are performing unacceptably.

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Charges in Formal Disciplinary Actions
This course is designed to guide HR practitioners and supervisors through the legally complicated world of crafting charges that will be used in formal disciplinary actions such as reprimands, suspensions, demotions and terminations.

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Penalties in Disciplinary Actions
One of the most frustrating aspects of the appeal of a disciplinary action for an agency is the possibility that the administrative judge or arbitrator might sustain the misconduct, but then mitigate the penalty imposed by the supervisor.

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Employee Appeals
This course will guide the HR practitioner through the various federal appeals processes.

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