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Medical Costs in Workers' Compensation: Strategies to Curb Your Largest Expense

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Skyrocketing medical costs in workers’ comp continue to rise and employers must take the correct steps to control these costs. Medical Costs in Workers' Compensation explore innovative and proven strategies to contain medical costs and examines their effectiveness — so you can evaluate and implement what will work best in your company to lower medical-related workers’ comp expenses, which comprise more than half of workers’ comp costs.

This must-have pamphlet details on new state-level initiatives to control medical costs and how well they’re working, as well examples of strategies implemented by employers. And, summaries of recent court cases show you the types of disputes generated by medical cost containment efforts and how courts have ruled.

You discover:

  • Research results that will help you save money, such as the relationship between medical care spending and medical outcomes for injured workers
  • Ways to cut medical costs by keeping older workers healthy and injury-free
  • How wellness programs can reduce medical costs for employees of all ages
  • Which cost-cutting strategies landed some employers in court
  • And more

Plus, you get easy-to-understand definitions of terms used to describe various medical cost containment efforts.

(2006. Pamphlet. 65 pp. Product Code: 8005. S/H: $5.50)