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Teen Workers and Workers' Comp: What You Can - and Must - Do to Keep Them Safe

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Teenagers sustain more workplace injuries than any other segment of the workforce, resulting in higher workers’ comp costs. Discover what you must do — under laws and OSHA rules – to keep younger workers safe.

Teen Workers and Workers’ Comp explores the problem of injuries, illnesses and fatalities specific to young workers and outlines steps you can take to prevent them — stemming workers’ comp costs and ensuring your workforce doesn’t shrink unnecessarily.

Plus, you find out which industries and tasks have high injury rates for younger workers, as well as government efforts to address the problem. You discover:

  • Details on child labor laws and regulations — including what work specific age groups can or can’t perform, and what hours they can and can’t work
  • The impact of drug and alcohol use on younger workers, as well as how to implement drug-free workplace programs that comply with the law
  • Examples of child labor law violations — so you know the consequences of failing to understand or follow legal mandates
  • And more

(2006. Pamphlet. 48 pp. Product Code: 8004. S/H: $5.50)