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Subrogation Laws in Workers' Compensation: Significant Court Rulings and What They Mean to You

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The increasing average age of the workforce means more potential injuries and more workers’ comp costs, so employers must recover their losses whenever possible. How likely are you to recover some of your workers’ comp expenses you’ve paid to an injured worker?

Subrogation Laws in Workers' Compensation examines subrogation laws in various states and how courts have resolved recent cases. Arranged alphabetically by state for quick reference, plain-English case summaries ensure you understand the types of funds that generally are and are not recoverable — such as workers’ comp payments, workers’ comp settlements and medical malpractice settlements — as well as what the courts view as grey areas.

With this must-have pamphlet you discover:

  • The likelihood of recouping benefits paid to injured workers who win lawsuits against responsible third parties
  • How settlements affect subrogation liens
  • The effect of a worker’s limited recovery on subrogation
  • Trends in subrogation decisions among different court jurisdictions
  • And more

(2006. Pamphlet. 54 pp. Product Code: 8003. S/H: $5.50)