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Pursuing and Opposing Summary Judgments: A Former EEOC Chief AJ's Inside View

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Presented by Kenneth Chu

A majority of EEOC cases are determined under summary judgment, a decision without a hearing. When the parties agree about the facts, it’s an expeditious and cost-effective way for your agency to avoid the expense and time of an administrative hearing.

Succeed on summary judgment with the inside scoop from a former EEOC Chief AJ!

Here’s your opportunity to get firsthand guidance from Judge Kenneth Chu, who ruled on countless motions for summary judgment during his 15 years with the EEOC. He’ll share exactly what AJs look for when reviewing cases for summary judgment and what you can do to get a favorable decision — whether you’re pursuing or defending against a motion.

Judge Chu will provide an overview on summary judgment law and the standards used by the EEOC and its AJs — eliminating agency confusion over when it’s appropriate to request summary judgment and how your agency should respond when a complainant files a motion. You’ll learn what you need to know to tackle these motions most effectively, with specifics on:

  • What materials to include in a counselor's report or investigation to provide the framework for a “summary judgeable” case
  • Circumstances in which to file a summary judgment motion and how to defend it
  • The best elements to include when opposing summary judgment
  • How to address a summary judgment notice initiated by the judge
  • And more!

(2010. CD. 90 min. Product Code: 4900.072810)

(Printed materials included. CDs must be prepaid. No returns on CDs.)

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