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Accommodation or Discipline? Responding to Substance Abuse Issues in the Federal Workplace

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Presented by Marilyn Mattingly

Drug and alcohol use and abuse — it’s a challenge that anyone in a supervisory or management role will have to face. Do you discipline? Or must you accommodate?

Learn how to tackle all facets of substance abuse directly from Marilyn Mattingly, acclaimed expert in accommodation, medical documentation and discipline – and one of LRP’s most popular presenters. She explains what the Rehabilitation Act and the Americans with Disabilities Act do and do not require, providing guidance on determining disability before disciplining.

Using case law from the EEOC, MSPB and related courts, she answers these questions:

  • Is an employee who is currently using illegal drugs considered an individual with a disability?
  • Can your agency implement drug testing to ensure that an employee who previously used illegal drugs is no longer doing so?
  • If an employee’s unsatisfactory performance is related to drug use, can you hold him to the same performance standards as other employees?

Plus, Ms. Mattingly walks you through:

  • Steps for determining whether an employee is impaired in the workplace
  • Proper and justifiable actions to take when employees are impaired
  • Types of medical documentation you may obtain
  • What to do when an employee raises dependence as a medical condition
  • How to respond to accommodation requests due to alcohol or drug use
  • And more!

(2012. CD. 90 min. Product Code: 4900.020812)

(Printed materials included. CDs must be prepaid. No returns on CDs.)