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Applying ADR in the Federal Workplace
Applying ADR in the Federal Workplace
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The results of alternative dispute resolution are undeniable - increased workplace harmony, lower complaint-processing costs, reduced lost time and improved productivity. But how do you get there?

Written by Joseph Gonzales, Alvin Ray and Kenneth Burger (three former FAA officials) who developed and managed the agency’s ADR program, this book guides you every step of the way to implementing a program to resolve employee disputes efficiently and cost-effectively - with increased satisfaction for all parties.

Applying ADR in the Federal Workplace focuses on what ADR is, why you should use it and how to set up an ADR process in your agency - even when it involves a change in your organizational culture. You find out all the ingredients of a successful program and learn from case studies of agencies’ attempts at ADR – so you know what works and what doesn’t.

Plus, you discover:

  • How to recognize conflicts and potential conflicts brewing among your employees
  • Which employees can be trained as mediators so there’s no need to for outside sources
  • Ways to gain support from top management
  • How the entire ADR program can be done in-house - with no costly consultants

And, separate checklists for mediators and participants ensure everyone involved understands and fulfills their role in the ADR process.

(2005. Pamphlet. 49 pp. Product Code: 4233)