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From Hygiene Problems to Stalking: Responding to Federal Employees Who Disrupt the Workplace

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This comprehensive guide, written by Cynthia Field, explores a spectrum of employee behaviors - from offensive grooming to physical violence - that can disrupt your workplace and your staff’s productivity. You discover effective ways - both informal and formal - to deal with each situation, as well as pitfalls to avoid.

From Hygiene Problems to Stalking is the only resource that compiles the various types of disruptive conduct in one place - guiding HR practitioners, supervisors and managers on: how to analyze and respond to specific situations; the types of disciplinary and nondisciplinary actions available when further action is required; and the medical, disability and retirement issues that may arise.

Plus, you discover how to:

  • Handle reports that an employee is stalking a coworker or that an employee is "acting strangely"
  • Respond when an odor problem continues after you've spoken to the employee
  • Determine whether "disability accommodation" should be a factor when dealing with disruptive employees
  • And more

You also get details on judicial, EEOC and MSBP decisions - so you know how agencies’ actions were viewed.

(2005. Pamphlet. 88 pp. Product Code: 4232)