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Faith and the Federal Employee

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Religious discussion and expression are occurring more often in the workplace today. This puts HR and EEO personnel, as well as federal supervisors, in the awkward position of balancing religious freedom with employees’ right to be free of harassment.

Faith and the Federal Employee highlights the issues that arise in religious discrimination claims involving federal employees, and discusses how to address them. From disparate treatment to religious displays, you get guidance on how to:

  • Determine if an employee is entitled to religious accommodation and how to provide it
  • Identify which types of religious activities do not require accommodation
  • Proactively recognize — and head off — situations that may lead to religious discrimination and harassment
  • Handle and respond to claims of religious discrimination or harassment

With each chapter devoted to a specific topic, you can quickly find guidance on an issue you’re facing - and gain the diplomacy and know-how to manage any situation with confidence. Plus, you get the full text of important cases, so you know how the EEOC resolves religious discrimination complaints.

(2005. Pamphlet. 96 pp. Product Code: 4228)