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What Do I Do When...® The Answer Book on Federal Labor Relations
What Do I Do When...<sup>&#174;</sup> The Answer Book on Federal Labor Relations
Price: $28.50


From dealing with union officials to determining what issues your federal agency is required to bargain, new labor relations questions pop up nearly every day. Now you can stop searching for answers.

The Answer Book on Federal Labor Relations is your one-stop reference for quick answers to the most frequently asked federal-sector labor relations questions. You get authoritative solutions to your most challenging problems involving:

  • Formal discussion
  • I&I bargaining
  • Information disclosure
  • Permissive topics
  • Unfair labor practices
  • Weingarten interviews
  • Union officials
  • And 7 other key topics!

Plus, easy-to-understand explanations and applicable case citations support each answer — so you save time sorting through wide-sweeping principles and mounds of case facts.

(2003. Pamphlet. 79 pp. Product Code: 4211)