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Failure to Bargain: A Practical Guide for Analyzing and Responding to ULP Charges

Price: $24.50


The most common, yet complex, unfair labor practice charges you may face as a labor relations practitioner are those alleging a failure to bargain. This 55-page guide identifies the many types of failure to bargain charges, the elements necessary to support each charge, and the best potential defenses available to your agency.

You find out how to:

  • Quickly determine what type of failure to bargain charge you face
  • Decide whether you should settle or fight a charge
  • Develop a sound defense to the charge
  • And much more!

Plus, Failure to Bargain cites key cases and includes a sample memorandum you can reference when investigating, resolving, litigating and settling unfair labor practice charges where a collective bargaining agreement impacts the matters in dispute.

(2003. Pamphlet. 55 pp. Product Code: 4209)